Established 1988

The GTCCC Program Presenters Registry

 An Opportunity to Share your Expertise

The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs operates a catalog of guest speakers who have presentations on various aspects of photography that they wish to share ,usually as an evening event, with the Council’s club members.

This registry is available to all Programming Chairs of the various clubs throughout the GTA. Each year the registry is updated to accommodate the new programs that wish to be listed. It is a free service to be listed and any compensation for your presentation is negotiated  directly with the club’s Programming Chair.

If you wish to participate and be listed in the registry, please take the time to fill out the form below or download, fill out and email the below form and email it to All applications will be monitored by the Registry Chair of the GTCCC

Click here to download the GTCCC Presenters Registry Form


Please fill out the form below

Please check the clubs you are willing to speak at.

Ajax PCBeach PCBrampton Photo GroupChinese Canadian PSCountry Images CCDon Mills CCEtobicoke CCHalton Hills CCHaliburton Highlands CCLatow PGMississauga CCOakville CCOshawa CCPhoto Historical Society CanadaRichmond Hill CCScarborough CCToronto CCToronto Digital PhotographyTrillium PCJiahua Elite Photography Association

Please fill in the details for each presentation below (up to 12).
If you have more then 12 presentations, submit your first 12 and fill out another form for your remaining presentations.

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* Equipment required from host club: please note that for digital projection the required equipment may include screen, digital projector, laptop, etc., and for film projection the required equipment may include screen(s), projection stand(s), etc., plus power cords, sound system, access help. Please confirm all equipment requirements with the presenter.

**Where the Fee is identified, but shows no $ value, the Fee is to be negotiated at time of booking, & is generally dependent on travel distance and audience numbers.

By submitting the above form you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the above policy and the GTCCC may freely share my information with the Member Clubs within the GTCCC