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FALL  RETREAT Sept 30-October 2, 2016 at Geneva Park Conference Centre Orillia Ontario


3 Streams to choose to follow:

  • A. Shoot to Print – learn how to print your retreat images.GP_interactive_map3
  • B. Wildlife Shoot to Posting – Prep your images.
  • C. Pictorial Shoot to Processing – Creative posting your images for future use.

Keynote Speakers, Trades, Social events

Download the program schedule. Get ready for an awesome weekend away with the GTCCC. (Updated Aug 7)

The GTCCC is proud to present at our Fall Retreat on Saturday Evening, Mr. Tony Beck from “Always an Adventure” as our Keynote Speaker.

Tony is an award winning photographer and is a very busy instructor both here and abroad. Nikon-logo-rectangleWe are pleased that Nikon Cameras has joined us a sponsor who is bringing to our Geneva Retreat their “Nikon Ambassador for Canada”. His presentation is entitled “Wildlife Photography in the Digital Age.”
For those attendees who are registered in the wildlife stream and are present on Sunday morning, Tony will also be leading this last shoot of the Retreat.

Tony Beck's Bio

Tony is a freelance naturalist and photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada._DSC7373---square He, and his wife Nina Stavlund, operate “Always an Adventure”, a company offering a variety of photography and birdwatching services.
With more than 30 years’ experience, including 20 years as a professional, he teaches Birdwatching and Nature Photography through various schools, companies, institutions and businesses. He has full training through the Algonquin College Technical Photography Program.
His award winning work appears in many books, field guides, websites, magazines & calendars. An enthusiastic, skilled and popular guide, he regularly takes groups around Ottawa looking for birds, nature and photo opportunities.
Since 1995, he’s worked with several agents as a nature tour guide and photography instructor. He’s extremely well travelled, guiding in many exciting places throughout North America, Tropical Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Tropical America and Polar Regions.
Tony holds the prestigious title of “Nikon Ambassador of Canada”

Download the program schedule. Get ready for an awesome weekend away with the GTCCC. (Updated Aug 7)

Session Outlines and Instructor details

Topaz Filters- Rob Kline

More information on Topaz Filters by Rob Kline

Posting Nature Photos using Photoshop and Topaz pluginsRob Kline

Presented by Robert Kline

These sessions will teach you how to use Photoshop as applied to working on Nature type photographs. A variety of Topaz filters will be demonstrated as you layer the image with the different adjustments. One Creative filter will also be shown for pictorial work.

The following is a list of Topaz filters that will be demonstrated: DeNoise, Infocus, Clarity and Detail for the nature photos. Impression will be used in the pictorial approach.

You will need to download the trial versions of these filters if you do not have Topaz already purchased.

The demonstration will be spread over the two sessions on Saturday and a follow up on Sunday if required.

You should be familiar with working in the Photoshop environment.

Download the PDF of this outline

Lightroom- Jim Camelford

More information on Lightroom by Jim Camelford

At GTCCC’s 2016 Fall Retreat, move your Lightroom skills ahead with Jim Camelford’s Lightroom Exposed Sessions and one-on-one clinics.

Jim is available on Friday evening to chat about any individual concerns you have with LR setup and workflow and we will continue to address these through the weekend.

Shoot on Saturday morning and then bring in your images during the clinic first session. We cover LR Import in detail, file organization and workflow. This addresses some of the most misunderstood aspects of LR’s workflow and we’ll work hard to eliminate your confusion. You’ll come away with an ability to solve the most common forms of LR problems with missing files, file organization and messed up catalogs. We’ll get you setup on the right track for the future.

Jim will be available after the 3:30pm break on Saturday afternoon to address individual problems or optimization, one-on-one.

Shoot on Sunday Morning and then bring in your images for the second LR clinic at 11am. We will work with you to develop one or two images to bring out their best and show you the steps to get excellent results each time. We’ll discuss Plugins and also show you how much you can get done using just LR’s great built in tools.

Jim will be available at 2:30pm to carry on the discussion and help you one-on-one or in small groups.

To get the most out of these sessions, it’s best if you have the most up to date version of LR installed. We will be using LR CC version 2015.6.1 (or more recent). This version has significantly addressed some of the bugs and performance issues introduced last fall. If you are experiencing problems getting LR to run at all or major problems with your system, those concerns will be beyond our scope for this weekend and you’re encouraged to address those with Adobe directly.

Jim Camelford’s Bio Jim Camelford_D2A4623-

Jim Camelford has been an avid photographer since the late 70’s – starting with black and white and shooting for the Queen’s yearbooks and newspaper.  “In those days, we rolled our own Tri X and did all our own processing and printing”.  Jim graduated to a colour darkroom in the 80’s and 90’s and then embraced digital in the mid-90’s.  “I still have my first digital camera – a FotoMan – and virtually all the images taken with it.  Really cool in those days – .3 of a megapixel !”  Jim is also a competent griller and bbq’r.  “On days when we’re smoking a brisket – well that’s a good time to sit down and work with Lightroom on a recent shoot – after all, you’ve got hours and hours….”  Jim’s early career was computer based, developing system software for large scale mainframe systems.  After that, there was a career in finance for a multi-national chemical firm and then nearly twenty years as a franchisee for Wendy’s.  But all the while, maintaining an interest in photography and computers.  “I really enjoy the digital age and marrying two hobbies – photography and computers has been a perfect match for me.  I was a very early adopter of Adobe’s Lightroom in 2007 and its predecessors before that.  I’ve grown with the software and learned its in’s and out’s.  What I think I most bring to the table is an ability to get down to the essentials of how to use it and incorporate it into photography.  I can explain it and steer my private clients towards using the parts in a way that works best for them.”  Jim shot with Olympus film cameras in the early years; migrated to Nikon DSLRs and then finally last year converted back to Olympus digital with the OM-D system.  “I enjoy working with Lightroom, shooting landscapes and nature and, yes, sometimes I push the HDR a bit too far – but it’s fun especially when I can make large prints for my gallery”.

Download the PDF of this outline

Printing- Leif Petersen

More information on Printing by Leif Petersen

GTCCC Fall Weekend Retreat – Sept. 30 – Oct. 2/16Leif Petersen

Printing Workshop with Leif Petersen

Saturday, October 1st

  • Introduction
  • Colour Management – Ensuring consistent & expected results through Capture, Post Processing and Printing (i.e. getting a print that matches what you see on your monitor)
  • Profiles
  • Understanding Bit Depth & Colour Management
  • Software Settings
  • Monitor Calibration & Creating a Profile
  • Media Selection
  • Paper / Printer Profiles

Sunday, October 2nd

  • Preparing Saturday’s and this morning’s images for printing
  • Soft Proofing & ProofingPrinting the final image

Download the PDF of this outline


All Inclusive

  1. Option1: Friday noon ,Saturday and ½ Sunday till 2:30pm
    •Weekend Special 2 nights, 2 1/2 days, 7 meals
    •Shared accommodation $370 per person
    •Single accommodation $435 per person
  2. Option2: Sat. all day, Sunday 1 1/2 day. 4 meals 8:30am- Sun.2:30pm
    •Shared accommodation $205 per person ( Sat $95+Room $60 +Sun $50 + Bonus Sunday Breakfast= $205)
    •Single accommodation $240 per person
  3. Option3: Saturday Only 2 meals( Lunch & dinner ) full day program $95.00
    No accommodation. Fixed price for day. 8:30am- 9:30pm
  4. Option 4: Sunday Only 1 meal( Lunch) and ½ day program $ 50.00
    Fixed price for ½ day. 8:30am-2:30pm

Pricing PDF (updated Apr 19)