Established 1988

GTCCC Open Challenge Competition

2018 Open Challenge Competition

The Rules and Guidelines for the 2018 Open Challenge have been changed slightly from the 2017.

We have added a new set of awards for the Specialist in each of the 12 categories.

There have been changes to the Print specifications.

Please note the specific criteria for entries into the Pure Nature Wildlife category. Absolutely no image manipulation beyond minor retouching for dust spots, cropping and colour/contrast/brightness correction. RAW files may be required to authenticate these entries.

The Theme topic for this year is “Liquid“. This depicts images where the main subject matter is of an element in a liquid state or where the main interest is the result of the interaction of the liquid with another object or subject. It must be clearly evident that the main subject is the liquid in a fluid form.

Deadline for submission to the GTCCC is February 1st. Please ensure you get your entries to your club representative prior to the deadline date.

You can download the current set of Rules and Guidelines here: