Established 1988

GTCCC Open Challenge Competition

2017 GTCCC Open Challenge Competition

Digital Categories:

  1. NW Pure Nature Wildlife- Shot in Wild, No HOM, Nature Rules
  2. BR Birds- Any location, 15% HOM, Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  3. AN Animals- Any type,15% HOM, Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  4. BO Botany- Any type,15% HOM, Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  5. LG Landscape & Geology- Nature only, HOM allowed but not primary,
    Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  6. PE People- Human-. Portraits, Group Portraits, Environmental Portraits,
    Studio, Photo Journalism, Posed or Candid. Manipulation but must look real.
  7. AR Architecture-limited to images of any architectural man made structure
    • The subject must be a significant aspect of a landscape or cityscape. Eg. Building
    exteriors/interiors, architectural details, bridges, piers. Some manipulation allowed. Certain
    point becomes Creative after a certain amount of post processing.
  8. PD Pictorial- Categories not covered, HOM greater than 15% in Nature,
    Manipulation allowed
  9. CV Creative Vision-limited to highly creative and artistic images. eg. Altered
    Reality, Abstracts, Graphical Designs, Conceptual Art, Composites, Montages, etc
  10. PA People in Action-a person or a group of people engaged in an activity
    depicting physical motion. This can be related to Sports, hobbies or leisure activity and
    represented as the principal subject in the image. Must be able to see person’s face.
    Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  11. TH Annual Theme Topic-“MACRO” is an open topic and encompasses macro
    images of 1:1 or greater in magnification of subjects close to or greater than life size.
    Manipulation allowed but must look real.
  12. PR Print Category:
    • Colour and Monochrome Prints combined (not
    subjected to any image classification)

Changes to Rules

  1. Up to 9 Digital Images
  2. Up to 4 Prints
  3. No person may submit more than 12 images
    irrespective of the number of Clubs to which the
    entrant belongs.

Final combination of entries can be 9 digital + 3 prints
or 8 digital + 4 prints.

Open Challenge General Items

  • Image entry fee $2.00. Maximum Fee $20.00
  • 12 entries for $20.00. Less than 12, then $2.00
    per entry.
  • Digital Image Resolution:1920 x1080 pixels.
  • Monochrome images are acceptable in all
  • Colour Space: SRGB
  • No maker identification allowed on images

Open Challenge Prints

  1. Maximum board size is 24” wide by 20” tall.
  2. Minimum mount board is 11”x 14” – portrait or
    landscape orientation.
  3. Minimum size of image is 11” x 14”– portrait or
    landscape orientation.
  4. Maximum size of image is 22”Wide x 18”tall – in
    landscape orientation.
  5. Maximum size of image is 20”tall x 20” or less wide – in
    portrait orientation.
  6. Print Thickness shall not exceed 1cm or 3/8”
  7. All prints must have a full contiguous backing board.
    Entries submitted with only a front matt and paper print
    with no backing board are not acceptable.

Panorama Prints

  • An exception to mount size is provided for wideformat
    Panoramic images in that they must have an
    image at least 6″ high to a maximum of 20″ in width,
    while maintaining the minimum amount height of
    11″x a maximum of 20”. Images are considered
    Panoramic if their width: height ratio exceeds 1.75:1.

General Print Entry Amounts:

  • Note: maximum 4 entries if you have 8 or fewer
    digital entries.
  • Note: maximum 3 entries if you have 9 digital

Open Challenge Awards

    to the entrant who has submitted at least one
    image in nine out of the eleven digital
    categories including at least 1 print and
    including at least one image that qualifies for
    this year’s theme, “Macro”. The winner is
    chosen by achieving the highest total point

Open Challenge Awards

  • Individual: 1st, 2nd, 3rd medals; Honourable
    Mention Certificates comprising 4-8% of the
    category. Acceptances will also be awarded.
  • Club: Plaque award to top club in each
  • Freeman Award: Top Club summation.


Download and read all the Rules and regulations for the 2017 GTCCC Open Challenge here (Updated December 14, 2016)