Established 1988

Event: Fall 2018 New Judges Seminar: “Synchronizing our GTCCC Judging Values”

Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Time: Check-in: 8:30am. 
Class Session: 9:00am-4:30pm
Location: TBA (GTA area)
Cost: $110. Payments via Paypal or Credit Card.

This full-day seminar will go through all the various genres and categories that are used in the GTCCC clubs, methods for evaluating images, use of scoring models, proper commenting skills and a hands-on Judging demonstration. If you are a Judge in Training, this seminar is a requirement on your progress to accreditation. If you are a photographer who just wants to improve your skills and/or optimize your images for competition, this course will detail what the judges look for in scoring those winning images.
Course Handbook and Certificate of Attendance will be supplied.
There will be an hour-long lunch break.
Lunch is not included, but you are free to bring your own or visit any of the local eateries nearby.
Morning muffins, cookies will be provided along with water and juice throughout the day.

EXTRA: For existing GTCCC Judges that need a refresher:

This is a full day interactive session that will also serve as the Judges Refresher for existing Judges to maintain their GTCCC accreditation or those that have had the CAPA course but not the new GTCCC course. This is a newly developed course discussing current trends in photography, understanding some of the difficult genres, efficiently evaluating images, applying scoring models, improving overall commenting skills, accessing results and feedback plus exchange of ideas and opinions from fellow judges.
Note: the GTCCC Judges Chair will contact you regarding this course.

Cost: $65. Payments via Paypal or Credit Card.