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2015 Inter-Regional Results

On Saturday November 7, 2015 the GTCCC went up against the NFRCC region for the 3rd time in over 2 years. For the first two times we were victorious in most of the divisions and for the 2 years running  we won the Chairman’s Award.

This  3rd competition was known ahead of time to be a very aggressive effort on the part of the NFRCC to claim some category wins as well as walk away with the Chairman’s Award.

Well this did happen where the GTCCC won only the Digital Pictorial and the Digital Wildlife division awards this time around. You will see on our webpage how close the competition was in each of the 5 categories.

We will have another opportunity next year in the fall to try to win back the Chairman’s Award as well as most of the various category one’s as well.

Thank you to all makers who submitted their images and all the volunteers that helped to make the day a great success.


Harvey Rogers


GTCCC vs NFRCC Scores and results

Showcases of winning images.