A discussion about elevating our digital images to the next step in the photographic arts. How can we enhance our images beyond what basic adjustments and plugins can do? What direction should we take our creativity? This class will help you begin that exploration. Doug will show you how to use Photoshop to totally transform and digitally paint an image. As an added bonus, he will briefly cover the advantages of using luminosity masks to create compelling images in any genre.











The GTCCC is sponsoring an all day  workshop on Digital Painting on December 9  from 9:00am to 4pm. This event is being held at the Toronto Camera club located at 587 Mount Pleasant Rd. Toronto.

This event is partially a make up event for those registered at the Capture Day 2017 Afternoon class and an opportunity for new attendees to learn the art of Digital painting.

Those who had registered for the Digital Painting Session at the past 2017 Capture Day will be able to attend free of charge and the new attendees will register at a discount price of $26.00