Established 1988

GTCCC Open Challenge

This is a yearly competition between all the member clubs within the GTCCC. Members within the clubs can submit up to 12 entries for judging. Every year after the competitions the GTCCC hosts an Capture and Awards Gala. This an all day gala with educational tutorials in the early part of the day, Keynote speakers, a banquet and awards handed out at the end of the day. Below are the details on he awards that can be won.

Individual Category Awards: In each of the 12 categories there will be up to a maximum of 4 top awards and a quantity of Honourable Mentions

Theme Award will be awarded through a selection process by the competition committee based on
the current year topic from all judged entries. The Theme Topic may span several categories
and the award can go to a digital or print entry

Club Category Awards are awarded to the top club in each of, nine Digital and one Print category.
The summation of the highest score by 6 different makers in each club determines each Club
Category winner.

The FREEDMAN TROPHY is awarded to top club in the competition. The summation of the highest
score by 12 different makers in each club determines the Freedman Trophy winning club. If there is a
tie, then the highest score by 13 different makers determines the winning club, etc., until a clear winner
is determined.

The PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR is awarded to the entrant who has submitted at least one
image in 7 out of 10 categories including prints. The winner is chosen by achieving the highest
total point count.

More details can be found on our Open Challenge Page.


GTCCC/NFRCC Inter Regional Competition

This is an annual inter regional competition between the GTCCC and the NFRCC in Western New York. The location will be alternated every year between Ontario and New York.

This competition has 4 categories: Nature Digital, Pictorial Digital, Pictorial Prints and Wildlife Prints. Each category has a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal that are awarded to the photographers for first, second and third. The points for photographs in each category are then tallied and an award goes to the region with the highest score. The Chairman’s Award is presented to the region with the highest total score for all categories.


More details can be found on the Inter-regional Competition page.