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Category: 2017 Open Challenge Winners

2017 Open Challenge Results: Architecture Category

  • 1st Faculty Of Information, University Of Toronto by Sophie Pan
  • 2nd Monroe`s Curve by Mabel Au
  • 3rd The Convocation Hall by Julie Brocca
    • Hagia Sophia Ceiling by Irene Barton Honourable Mention
    • Disney Hall Angles by Fern Gitter Honourable Mention
    • Blue and Orange by Rachel Schneiderman Honourable Mention
    • The Rocket by Leon Shahar Honourable Mention
    • Mission Space Epcot by David Westlake Honourable Mention
    • Frank Gehry Seattle by Christine Kobielski Honourable Mention
    • Winding Down by Gord Sheehan Honourable Mention
    • Sunset on the Balconies by Isabel Kelly Honourable Mention
    • AGO Baroque Stair by Sunchie Yang Honourable Mention
    • Humayuns Tomb, New Delhi by Jonathan Ward Honourable Mention

2017 Open Challenge Results: Animal Category

  • 1st Red Fox With Prey by Gord Sawyer
  • 2nd If Only She Could Speak by Lori Metcalfe
  • 3rd Poised To Jump by Barbara Marszalek
    • American Lady Butterfly by Ann Hilborn Honourable Mention
    • Organutan by Lance Gitter Honourable Mention
    • Small Among Larges by Cheng Chang Honourable Mention
    • Drab Frog by Moira Fenner Honourable Mention
    • This Is Love by Edith Itzcovici-Levy Honourable Mention

2017 Open Challenge Photographer of the Year

2017 Open Challenge Photographer of the Year

2017 Open Challenge Winners

  • Animals Category Winners

    •1st Place Gord Sawyer – Red Fox With Prey.• 2nd Place Lori Metcalfe – If Only She Could Speak.• 3rdPlace Barbara Marszalek – Poised To Jump

  • Architecture Category Winners

    • 1st Place Sophie Pan – Faculty Of Information, University Of Toronto.• 2nd Place Mabel Au -Monroe`s Curve• 3rd Place Julie Brocca – The Convocation Hall

  • Botany Category Winners

    • Theresa Moore – Lily of the Nile.• 2nd Place Anthony Schatzky – Plant With A Heart.• 3rd Josie Stauffer – Catching The Light

  • Birds Category Winners

    • 1st Place YUN WANG – Flamingo Landing.• 2nd Place Gord Sawyer – Barred Owl Catching Prey• 3rd Place Cheng Chang – A Robery In The Air

  • Creative Vision Category Winners

    • 1st Place Bharat Mistry – Fallen Angel.• 2nd PLace Luba Citrin – Harmony.• 3rd Place Grant Dale – Self Ironing Shirt

  • Geology Category Winners

    • 1st Place Harjit Singh – Coastal Spain Formations.• 2nd Place Jeffery Wu – Cold Mountain.• 3rd Place YUN WANG – Fire On Ice

  • Wildlife Category Winners

    • 1st Place John Stager – African Lions.• 2nd Place Sharad Tembe – Mating Damselflies.• 3rd Place Lucky Welegedera – Giraffe Herd

  • People in motion Category Winners

    • 1st Place Cheng Chang – Out Of A Water Tunnel.• 2nd Dorothy Chan – Cowboy Wrestling With Calf.• 3rd Place Bharat Mistry – Kicking up a Dust Storm

  • Pictorial Category Winners

    • 1st Place HUA NAN ZHANG – Early Morning.• 2nd Place VIVIENNE XU – Sun Rise.• 3rd Place Sophie Pan – Lady In Red

  • People Category Winners

    • 1st Place YUN WANG – Going Home.• 2nd Place Jack Brittain – The Mad Hatter.• 3rd Place Edward Ho – Rolling Tears

  • Prints Category Winners

    • 1st Place Bharat Mistry – Coloured Vessels.• 2nd Place Luba Citrin – Perpetuity.• 3rd Place Daniel Tang – The Wrangler.

  • 'Macro' Theme Category Winners

    • 1st Place Geoffrey Pierpoint – Seed Head Detail.• 2nd Place Theresa Moore – Sac Spider on Sunflower.• 3rd Place Viggo Damm – Wasp.

  • Photographer of the Year Runner Up

    Moira Fenner from the Oshawa Camera Club

  • 2017 Photographer of the year

    Bharat Mistry from the Oshawa Camera Club