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Announcement: 125th Annual TCC International Salon

125 Years of the International Salon of Photography

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2018 Open Challenge Winner!


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2018 Capturing Light and Shadows Educational Day

30th Annual Awards Gala

2017 Inter-Regional Results

2017 Inter-Regional Results

Some of the award winning image posted on the Inter-Regional page. Congratulations to all the individual award winners.

2017 Inter-Regional Competition

2017 GTCCC Fall Retreat – October 13-14, 2017

2017 GTCCC Fall Retreat – October 13-14, 2017

Welcome to our second annual fall retreat. This year, we are holding it at the fabulous Taboo Muskoka Resort near Gravenhurst on October 13, 14, 15th. This coincides with their famous Cranberry Festival which will present other photographic opportunities besides the fall colours in Ontario’s north.

Our line up activities include a Raptor Portrait shoot on site, Keynotes speakers with Ariel Estulin on Astro Photography and Andrew Collett on Landscape Photography with both keynotes leading hands-on sessions out in the field. We will also have breakout sessions on Lightroom and Photoshop with Leif Petersen and Bharat Mistry. There will be free time built in for you to explore Gravenhurst and Bala for their Cranberry Festival activities. You will also get a chance to explore the natural wonders and wildlife in and around the Taboo property on their hiking trails. All non-motorized watersports are also included for you to enjoy the area in canoes and kayaks.

We are also counting on Henry’s and Amplis onsite Saturday and Sunday to provide some bonus content!

Please Note: Final day for Registration will be Friday September 29th, Midnight.

2017 Open Challenge Results: Macro Category

  • 1st Seed Head Detail by Geoffrey Pierpoint
  • 2nd Sac Spider on Sunflower by Theresa Moore
  • 3rd Wasp by Viggo Damm
    • Sweat Bee by Pierre Falzon Honourable Mention
    • Ebony JewelWing by Ann Hilborn Honourable Mention
    • Peacock Feather Detail by John Kot Honourable Mention
    • Hoverflies On Chickory by Christopher Siou Honourable Mention

2017 Open Challenge Results: Prints Category

  • 1st Coloured Vessels by Bharat Mistry
  • 2nd Perpetuity by Luba Citrin
  • 3rd The Wrangler by Daniel Tang
    • Dance of Two Veils by Bharat Mistry Honourable Mention
    • Chickadee on Cones by Missy Mandel Honourable Mention
    • Upland Sandpiper by Bruce Carmody Honourable Mention
    • Red Belly by Larry Mccarthy Honourable Mention
    • Asylum Tub-2017 Interclub Print by Carm Griffin Honourable Mention
    • Female Eastern Bluebird by Rachel Schneiderman Honourable Mention
    • Aggressive Attack by Daniel Tang Honourable Mention
    • Eastern Phoebe by Bruce Carmody Honourable Mention
    • Sunset by Zhiwen Li Honourable Mention
    • Violet Sabrewing by Moira Fenner Honourable Mention
    • Two Tangled Tannagers by Helene Ullock Honourable Mention
    • Pastels by Luba Citrin Honourable Mention
    • Bike Parking Lot Full by Frankie Chan Honourable Mention
    • Winner by Edwin Ho Honourable Mention
    • Spread My Wings and Fly by Bruce Carmody Honourable Mention
    • Great Grey Owl by Cynthia Smith Honourable Mention
    • A World Of Its Own by Judy Griffin Honourable Mention
    • Reflection Of The Silence, Lake In Muskoka by Alex Konyukhov Honourable Mention
    • Thrilling Moment by Zhiwen Li Honourable Mention
    • Ready To Jump by Sufang Wang Honourable Mention
    • Algonquin Park Red Fox by Vincent Filteau Honourable Mention
    • Neist Point Lighthouse by Moira Fenner Honourable Mention
    • The Staircase by Marie Algieri-Goldgrub Honourable Mention
    • Majestic Bald Eagle by Kathy Constantinou Honourable Mention
    • Kate In Leather And Fur by Harvey Rogers Honourable Mention
    • Chinese Fortune Teller by Christopher Siou Honourable Mention