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Capturing Light and Shadows Educational Day

2017 GTCCC Capturing Light and Shadows

Educational Day

Date: April 22, 2017


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Location: Le Parc Conference and Banquet Centre
8432 Leslie St, Thornhill, ON L3T 7M6



Capturing Light and Shadows 2017 Program Grid

8:50am-10 :15 pm Morning Tutorials

  1. Creativity with F Stops by Juraj Dolanyski

    f-stoPS Here (Read More)

    portraitAperture adjustment is one of the most creative tools built into a camera.What is f-Stop? How about hyper-focal distance? When, and how to use it, to achieve the soft background or deep DOF (Depth of Field)?Why some digital cameras maybe lacking this control?Creative use of camera’s Speed control will also be illustrated as will often “looked down on”, Program mode
  2. Night Photography by Paul Ogonek

    Title – Night Photography – How to skip some sleep and get some great night shots

    banff-winter-night chris-ogonekWith the amazing low-light capabilities of the newer generation of DSLR’s, there’s no reason to keep your camera locked away once the sun goes down.  Whether you’re looking to capture star trails, night landscapes, or even combine them all together with some light painting techniques, we’ll go through some basic tips for how to get some truly remarkable photographs at a time of the night when most other photographers are busy sleeping.
  3. Using various Plug Ins in PS & LR by Doug Hansgate

    The Art of Photoshop™ and Lightroom™ Plugins

    An overview and discussion of the most common post-production plugins available for editing your photos. Topaz, Google(nik), Tiffen, OnOne, Imagnomic, Alien Skin Eye Candy, DXo Optics, Lucis Pro, PortraitPro filters all alter images in unique ways. Why should we choose to use them and when? The creative process starts in our mind; the nudge can sometimes come from someone else
  4. Composition in your Images by Michael Willems

    Composition: Lenses and Rules

     Professional photos often have certain compositional rules and principles in common. And these can be learned; that is, you can train yourself to spot the rules used by creative photographers, and to recognize other properties of winning creative photographs. Michael takes you through some of these rules that, if generally followed, make your photography immediately better. He also shows you when you do not follow the rules. In addition, he covers the use of various lens types to achieve certain creative goals, and he outlines how to make your photos look more real and three-dimensional.
10:45am-12 noon Morning Keynote Nature Shooting Michelle Valberg

Title - Creativity in Motion (Read More)

Michelle Valberg, Canadian Nikon Ambassador, Canadian Geographic Photographer-In-Residence, Canadian Photographer, ottawa Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, Landscape Photographer, Nature Photographer, Conservation Photographer, storyteller, Photographer, Photography
About – How to capture creative and compelling photographs in the field. Michelle will showcase her adventure and wildlife photography from around the world and reveal the illuminating behind the scenes action.polar-bears-_d5s2022-by-michelle-valberg
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch Sit Down lunch On site Included
1:00pm-2:00pm Afternoon Keynote Landscape Shooting Michelle Valberg

Title - Creating Powerful Landscapes (Read More)

michelle-valbergExploring light and creative options that can help inspire and create mind-blowing landscapes of our raw, beautiful and natural world.

2:15pm-4:00pm Afternoon Tutorials

  1. Digital Painting with Masks Doug Hansgate

    Digital Painting: A Primer

    A discussion about elevating our digital images to the next step in the photographic arts. How can we enhance our images beyond what basic adjustments and plugins can do? What direction should we take our creativity? This class will help you begin that exploration. Doug will show you how to use Photoshop to totally transform and digitally paint an image. As an added bonus, he will briefly cover the advantages of using luminosity masks to create compelling images in any genre.
  2. Shooting Human Form by Tim McGill

    Photographing the Human Form – Shooting with Edgy Wardrobe / Accessories to Accentuate the Look.

    This practical, hands-on presentation will outline lighting and practical techniques of posing / guiding models for photographing the human form with the use of edgy, fetish-based clothing and accessories which will add greatly to the mood of the overall image.  After a quick presentation, you will be able to photograph two models with two different lighting setups that will allow you to capture images with different looks or moods. Lighting can be moved within reason, and wardrobe will be changed occasionally to allow the models to pose in different looks to give a greater range of results. A stylist and / or a designer will also be on site to assist.gtccc-mcgill-pic-8006061
  3. Creative Lighting Studio and flash shoot Michael Willems

    Creative Lighting with Flash: Three Magic Recipes

     “It is the worst of lights, it is the best of lights”. A  serious photographer needs to know about Flash. From small flashes to large strobes; from TTL to light balancing to the use of modern small flash modifiers; in a short but intense session, Michael teaches the main techniques you need to know, so you will love flash, instead of hating it. Learn the cardinal flash portrait rule. The Essential Question. The Three magic Flash Recipes. Some common mistakes you should avoid in real-life situations. Prepare for a few epiphanies!

4:00pm-4:30pm Afternoon Keynote Tech Talks Henry’s
Closing Wrap up and Raffles