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Environmental portraits

Environmental portraits

Frank Myers
Frank Myers, Latow Photographers Guild, Burlington
An environmental portrait can be defined as a photo of a person that includes enough of their natural surroundings to tell a story about the individual. The shots may be “posed” but the setting is ideally rich with visual information about the person’s life. If you’re successful, the viewer gains some insight into the person you’ve portrayed.
Ron with his beauties

My subjects are mostly people whose work or skills impress me. Often they are family or friends, but occasionally it is necessary to break the ice and approach a perfect stranger for permission to photograph them. Ideally, being in their own environment will help your subject to be natural and at ease. I always offer prints of the finished work, which seems only fair.


Shir in living room
I find a wide-angle lens is often useful, allowing me to work in close while including elements of the person’s surroundings. Occasionally, however, a longer lens and closer crop can incorporate just enough additional detail while emphasizing the appearance of the subject. Bounce flash can maintain a fairly natural look, as can using higher ISO to work with the light available.
Fibre artist Judy Martin
The key to good environmental portraits is finding that fine balance between the individual and his or her environment. A cluttered scene can detract from the main subject. The person must remain the focus, while the surroundings provide detail about their life. Chose that detail carefully and don’t be afraid to ask your subject to move around; everything in the scene should contribute to the story you are telling.

ProFusion November 11-12, 2015


The GTCCC will be at ProFusion. Come see our booth

What you can expect to see at ProFusion 2015

Every year, ProFusion is all about bringing in incredible new technology and showcasing it to the Canadian public. If it’s new and exciting and you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you’ll get to see it launched at ProFusion. Over the years we’ve showcased many ‘first time in Canada’ product launches, including the most talked-about cameras, lighting, software and more. And it’s not just about seeing new gear, it’s experiencing it in an intimate, interactive environment, unlike any other tradeshow.

We look forward to seeing you at ProFusion 2015, and thank you for being part of a stong Canadian imaging industry.


  • Free tickets online
  • or $10.00 at the door

Expo Location:

  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    Hall B (Front St. Entrance)


  • Wednesday, November 11: 12PM – 8PM
  • Thursday, November 12: 10AM – 5PM

More details at the ProFusion Website


Capturing Light and Shadows 2016

Every year the GTCCC mounts an awesome all day educational event called “Capturing Light and Shadows”. This year it will be held in Markham Ontario at the Hilton Suites and Conference Centre located at the corner of Warden Avenue and Highway 7.

This event is open to the public and our GTCCC members. The tutorials are geared toward the Novice and all the way to the advanced photographer. The schedule is packed with one set of 4 tutorials that you can chose from that run in the morning and one tutorial in the afternoon.

There will be two Keynote Speakers who are well known in the industry that will highlight varied topics that are trending in today’s world of photography. One will kick of the day and the other Keynote will happen just after the lunch break.

The afternoon activities will consist of two tutorial studio attendee shoots that you can sign up for that usually are so popular that they sell out well before the start of the day’s program event along with the one tutorial for the non-shooters to attend.

The day ends with give aways from our sponsors and tote bags with program booklets for all those who attend this high quality reasonably priced event.

This day is very well priced so that all can attend and even includes three coffee breaks.

Download the brochure here or click the image below

capture cover

More details and ticket pricing coming soon