judy portrait

Judy Griffin

Etobicoke Camera Club

Unfortunately there is no cut and dried approach or magic formula for developing creativity.  We are all different; the way we visualize and process the world around us. To some, creativity comes easily while for others it feels like an impasse.

The photographer needs to see beyond the ordinary and push the boundaries to develop new ways to capture and enhance images. Often a good way to start is to look at other photographers’ work to get ideas and then put your own spin on the concepts. Perhaps sign up for a course which specializes in creative photography.

Of course, the photographer has to have technical skill using the camera, but that may provide only technically competent images.  The principals of composition and design are there as the backbone to your craft, but sometimes breaking the rules can give you the creativity you seek.

The photographer has to be willing to loosen up and be playful. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try various ways to capture your subject, and use different techniques in your favourite digital editing software to make your images more imaginative and inspiring:

  • play with zooming, panning, and camera movement (rotating, swirling, swooping, etc.) to see the world in a new way. IMAGE – Autumn Gold


  • Use various shutter speeds to play with motion and see the effect. Long exposures for clouds and water can give a beautiful silky appearance.
  • try an unorthodox point of view to present your subject,
  • use different lenses and focal lengths to change the perspective and relationship of elements in your image.
  • use different apertures creatively to alter the depth of field and the sharpness in your images.
  • be alert to the potential of subject matter for post production in an altered way. Try to imagine what you might be able to do with a subject, graphic elements, or textures to bring an original and creative approach to your work.
  • play with filters, montages, texture layers, Ortons, and blend modes in your post production software to alter your images and give them an innovative edge. IMAGE – Midnight Rider


  • your planned day may have been a bust, but there may be hidden gems if you are willing to look for them. Our planned photography was to visit an exciting area full of scenic and natural beauty.  However our vehicle was acting erratically so we spent a good portion of the day at a garage. While there, I noticed an interesting wall to photograph and thought about its wonderful potential. In post production, I played with ideas and allowed my imagination to create this final image of The Watcher.


  • don’t be afraid to fail! You can’t improve and expand your creative side if you never take chances and think “outside the box”.

Above all, enjoy the creative process and have fun with your photography.