Established 1988

A Message From The President of The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs

The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs, or GTCCC for short, is an association representing 24 camera clubs operating in and around the Greater Toronto Area.  At present, our member clubs range from Burlington in the west, north to the Halliburton Highlands and Oshawa in the east.  Our membership is expanding as more of the smaller camera clubs join the association.

The GTCCC is an excellent forum for member clubs to promote and facilitate various events of common interest throughout the year.  Here is a list of some of the many services the GTCCC offers:

  • We publish a list of qualified judges for photographic competitions, which most clubs hold throughout the year.
  • We manage a major inter-club competition each year, which concludes with a presentation of the digital images and prints, during an evening gala and awards ceremony.  Trophies and certificates are presented to the photographers and clubs for the winners in the various competition categories.
  • The GTCCC  provides member clubs with a list of qualified speakers, who are available to speak during their member meetings.
  • We offer workshops and other programs that the clubs can take advantage of to enhance their meeting programs.  This year, we held our first ‘Fall Retreat, which offered club members a full weekend of workshops and a keynote speaker.  In the spring of 2017, we will hold our 5th full-day conference, which is strongly supported by photographic industry suppliers.

The GTCCC welcomes new member clubs to join us in promoting photography and providing GTA and Southern Ontario photographers with interesting and fun educational opportunities.

Warmest Regards,
Bharat Mistry
President GTCCC
The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs

The Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs